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12:00, CEST 17 October 2002
Transition to inertial pointing and slew check.
Integral is safe and in a stable configuration

08:35, CEST 17 October 2002
Both solar wings successfully deployed

08:29, CEST 17 October 2002
Solar wings starting to deploy

08:13 CEST, 17 October 2002:
Separation of Integral from upper stage

08:02 CEST, 17 October:
Aquisition of signal by Vilspa ground station in Spain

07:01 CEST, 17 October:
End of radio contact zone with launcher


Integral launch
Integral launch

06:50 CEST, 17 October:
Separation of upper stage and Integral from the third stage

06:41 CEST, 17 October 2002:
Launch of Integral

Integral launch
Integral launch

06:36 CEST, 17 October 2002:
Proton rocket declared ready for launch

06:18 CEST, 17 October 2002:
Transition to internal power completed

06:11 CEST:
Integral declared ready for launch.

05:56 CEST, 17 October 2002
Completion service tower rollback. Windspeed 31 m/s.

05:26 CEST, 17 October 2002
Start of roll back of service tower from the Proton rocket at Baikonur. All nominal.

04:33 CEST, 17 October 2002
Mission Control at ESOC commences voice and status checks with all ground stations.

03:46 CEST, 17 October 2002
Integral spacecraft powered up. Sunrise.

03:41 CEST, 17 October 2002
Integral spacecraft is switched on and telemetry received.

03:31 CEST, 17 October 2002
Completion propellant loading of Proton launch vehicle.
Outside temperature -5.5°C, Fairing temperature 17°C.

00:41 CEST, 17 October 2002
Countdown starts at ESOC; loading of propellant on the Proton launcher in Baikonur commences.

23:00 CEST, 16 October 2002
Everything is still on track for launch. Weather conditions are acceptable for launch

11.00 CEST, 16 October 2002
Integral Flight Operations Director says Integral is GO for launch. Launch is on schedule for 06:41 from Baikonur in Kazakhstan.

15 October 2002
Launch rehearsal successfully completed at Baikonur.

15 October 2002
10:00 CEST Proton launcher ready on the launch pad for the launch countdown rehearsal.

14 October 2002
Mobile Measurement Station in Argentina all set to track Integral.

12 October 2002
Sharp at 6:30 local time on 12 October, the Proton launcher was rolled out of the 92-1 building and taken to the launch pad.

11 October 2002
Today 11.10 at 18:30 local time, the State Commission comprising all the representatives of Russian entities involved in a Proton launch, as well as Kai Clausen, Integral Project Manager, met to review the readiness of the launcher to be rolled out to the pad.

10 October 2002
The last Integral simulation was successfully completed at the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) in Germany on 10 October 2002.

10 October 2002
Rollout of the Space Head Unit (SHU) including the Integral spacecraft, adaptors, fairing and Proton upper stage, took place on 10 October, starting at 10:15 local time.

5 October 2002
Final operations have been carried out on the fairing. This includes mechanical operations such as filling up access holes, fixing venting ports and some electrical checks.

3 October 2002
At 17:15 Baikonur time, the Integral satellite was encapsulated in the Proton fairing.

30 September 2002
the Integral spacecraft has been lifted and transferred to the top of the Proton fourth stage, known as Block DM.

24 September 2002
Start of combined operations between spacecraft and launch teams at the Baikonur cosmodrome. Integral flight hardware has been mated to Proton flight hardware for the first time.


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